The Chronicles of Cirrus

Broken Sky

"A coming-of-age thriller set against a sci-fi backdrop, with top-notch worldbuilding and wormhole technology." - Reedsy Discovery

Sir Isaac Newton predicted the world would end before 2090.

He was right.

Jack Scatter is an ordinary teenager with the normal concerns that come with life in a small farming community: school, his job, and a long-distance relationship with Sarah. Sarah Rogers is smart, ambitious, and wants a role in saving her world’s endangered species. But their home towns are on Cirrus, a planet-sized space station, and Newton’s prophecy threatens both worlds.

When Jack and Sarah uncover a scheme by Pieter Reynard to bring about his own version of the apocalypse, they’re launched on an adventure that spans two worlds. While Jack runs to stay ahead of Pieter’s thugs, Sarah uncovers more secrets and becomes a target herself.

But Pieter is not the only one plotting. The Travellers—people who can "remember" their own futures—have determined that Earth’s final day is just weeks away. They see different versions of the future but agree that Jack and his friends will be at the center of events.

Set in the late twenty-first century, BROKEN SKY is a YA science-fiction adventure, the first of a trilogy where magic increasingly replaces technology, and dragons have political ambitions.

Read a Sample Buy it now "John Harvey's BROKEN SKY is a terrific, action packed YA novel that is imaginative, carefully structured and driven by entertaining characters. A winning start to ‘The Chronicles of Cirrus’ series." - IndieReader


Blue Spell

"John Harvey’s BLUE SPELL is an action-packed, multi-layered story that excels at merging hard science fiction, mystery, and YA romance into a page-turning futuristic thriller." - IndieReader

There’s no such thing as magic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use it.

Jack Scatter knows that the mysterious force he wields has a technological source, and so does the man who’s trying to kill him. But he’ll need to tame dragons—both real and psychological—to harness that power to save himself and two worlds.

Jack and Sarah should be in high school, enjoying their junior year. Instead, an apocalyptic event interrupts their summer vacation and leaves Cirrus—the world-sized space station they live on—without phones, internet, or transportation. Sarah gains the ability to see the future. Jack gets a magic wand and an arch-enemy who can control people’s thoughts.

Wormholes used to be as common in Jack’s world as electrical outlets in ours, until Pieter Reynard discovered a way to destroy all the portal crystals on Earth and Cirrus at once. Now, Pieter has plans to rebuild those crystals and cast himself as the hero of the recovery. But his crystals have a dark facet, and he’ll have unlimited power and control unless Jack and his friends stop him.

To do that, they'll explore “magic” and create “spells”, and Jack will have to overcome his lifelong anxiety in order to use Pieter’s talent for manipulation for a better purpose.

BLUE SPELL is a YA adventure that blends Science-Fiction and Fantasy.

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"Epic teen SF adventure of wormholes, satellites, dragons, and friendship." - Booklife

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Scattered (2024)

Dragons on a space station?

That’s perfectly normal on Cirrus, a world-sized ring orbiting the sun opposite Earth, hidden from any telescope. But then magic has become normal on Cirrus too, as modern infrastructure fails in the aftermath of a technological apocalypse.

Jack and Sarah are honing their magical skills when they hear the news that the first portal crystals have reached Dawn, the only known habitable planet beyond the solar system. After twenty years of flying at near-light speed on mosquito-sized spacecraft, they’ll be used to construct wormholes large enough for people to travel instantaneously from Earth to that unpolluted world. But Cirrus’ dragons want a say in who goes and who stays.

Genetically engineered to be smart and adaptable, the dragons have been learning and communicating through a global Artificial Intelligence for decades. And now that Earth stands at a crisis point, they want to map out their own futures—one that may not include humans. But dragons, like humans, don’t always cooperate, and civil war looms on both Earth and Cirrus.

THE CHRONICLES OF CIRRUS is a YA science-fiction/fantasy adventure that spans two worlds.

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About the Author

John Harvey is a First Nations author from Kelowna, British Columbia. He trained as an Electronic Engineering Technologist and worked for decades in Information Technology and Healthcare Support Services before turning to writing and freelance editing.
He writes mostly science-fiction and fantasy.




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